Can you say score?

You know every now and again, you get lucky.  I’m not talking lottery-type lucky because let’s be honest-  if I were that lucky I could pay somebody to write this post for me -I’m just meaning I’ve come across some really good items as of late, and cannot wait to get started turning them into new pieces.

The first two things I’ve found are these awesome vintage compact cases:


They both are just oozing potential with all their openings and parts that move

Here they are disassembled-


This one is great because it has a piece that rotates a complete 360, and it has a wonderful clasp for closing the compact


This one, however, might just be the coolest shape I have ever found- it measures 2.5″ x 4″ which is perfect for a neck piece, and it has 2 doors that open, plus a nice recessed area in the top


I was also fortunate enough to find some good items this past weekend at the fleamarket:

The keys will make great clasps


And though this piece of antique celluloid would make a great centerpiece on a necklace,  I think I’ll resell it in my shop.


Last but not least, what has to be my biggest stroke of luck of all- to be the Dad of a kid who looks great in striped pajamas.


Until next time-



One Response to “Can you say score?”

  1. So I have a secrete contact of a Hotel manager in the triangle who really, really needs so real art in lobby etc.

    I’ve looked at and the candles and ghosts. I’m thinking these people would JUMP on N.C. trees. Do you have any on the WEB?

    your image by the door…. (on the floor) I’m madly impressed with it. alas not enough money int the wallet.
    Keep up the great work.

    PS on the way into town Alex and I had the idea of doing a blog on “Seattle Venues”.

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