Tokens and Paper Lace Part 1.

For several years, I have been fascinated with Victorian love tokens, and have been making pieces of wearable art based upon them.   In the age before photographs were commonplace, these were often given as gifts of longing from one person to another, much as my pieces are often given as gifts of love.

Examples include engraved metal tokens,


nice calling cards,


locks of hair,


or even pieces of jewelry.


For me, what began as a surprise Christmas gift to my wife several years ago


has blossomed into a whole series of pieces.

As of late, I have also started collecting antique paper lace Holy Cards.


These were also often given as tokens of affection, or to mark special occasions, such as first baptisms or holidays.  Most of the pieces are quite small, say something around 2″ x 4″, but the detail, and variety to be found, is incredible.

I’ve started on a new piece that merges the idea of the love token with paper lace cards, and I began by using the card shown above.  Here is the image as I have modified it for use.  For reference the final pendant piece will be roughly 2.75″ x 3.5″.

Heart-Token-1 2

In the next posting, I’ll begin the process of taking you through step by step.



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