Tokens and Paper Lace Part 2.

To begin this new piece, I started with the paper lace image

Heart-Token-1 2

and a 3 foot length of 1/4 craft pine that has been sitting in my studio.

Heart-Token-1 1

I roughly cut out the image and traced its shape on to the wood.  I also traced a larger copycat shape which will serve as the piece’s outer frame.  I then cut the piece out using my coping saw.

Heart-Token-1 3

After much trial end error (and one broken but re-glued and repaired frame later), I ended up with the outer shape of the piece which was painted,

Heart-Token-1 5

then gold leafed.

Heart-Token-1 4

Next, on the top surface of the frame, I used a sgrafitto technique which is the process of scratching or stamping through the top layer of a surface to reveal the layer underneath.  You often see this technique used in traditional Christian iconography to highlight the gold leaf.  I will worry about the sides of the frame later.

For the next step, I cut out a solid duplicate of the frame from 1/64″ modeling wood.

Heart-Token-1 6

I then laid the pieces together to get my first look at what the pendant will look like when assembled.

Heart-Token-1 7

Happy with the results, its on to working on the back side of the piece which I will have to begin in the next post.  Right now, I have a 5 month old who is in dire need of a bottle and a nap.



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