Road Trip: A Little Slice of Junker’s Paradise

We took a road trip today- I was needing to refresh my studio with some new supplies, so we headed to Cline’s.  What’s Cline’s you say?  Only the nearest thing to Junker’s Paradise that you can find in the state of North Carolina.  If you head out of Charlotte on Hwy 49 and drive till you officially get to the middle of nowhere, it will suddenly appear on your left, and if you listen hard enough, you can just about convince yourself that you hear a few bars of the Hallelujah chorus as you pull up the long dirt driveway.  Or then again, maybe that’s just me.

Mr. Cline runs his antiquing business on the family chicken farm that he long ago converted, but don’t let that unassuming nature of his fool you.  The man knows his antiques.  He has his MBA in economics and decided to leave the academic arena to begin selling sometime back in the late 70s.

First he filled one barn, then another, then another ( I think now there are about 10 on the property all bursting at the seams),

then things just began to spill out into the yard and fields.

He buys a lot at auctions, pickers bring him loads, so the inventory is ever changing…and always growing.

It great when you visit, because you almost never see the same thing twice.

I scored a number of things that I’ve been needing (wanting)-

A nice pile of antique molding that I will use to make frames,

a great old circus poster which I can’t wait to remount and hang,

a beautiful piece of wood trim from an old clock,

a nice piece of pressed metal tin,

a stack of old yard sticks that can be repurposed,

and finally, two fabulous clock cases that I can’t wait to reuse as frames.

All in all, it was a great day, and if it wouldn’t have been so hot, we might have stayed even longer.

Even though we hadn’t been in a couple of years,  Mr. Cline put it perfectly: “You can see we haven’t run out of stuff.”

True that.


P.S.   He’s only open Thursday-Saturday from 8-6, so plan accordingly, and if possible, plan to spend the day.


One Response to “Road Trip: A Little Slice of Junker’s Paradise”

  1. wow – what an amazing place & fabulous finds

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