Winter Show Season And Other Things

Yes I know we are technically heading into Spring, but I thought it might be a nice time for some updates-especially considering how much has gone on. We had a really successful fall show season which was great, but it left me with quite a dilemma…I had a number of upcoming shows scheduled, but literally almost no new work for them. So, the day after Christmas I set to work at a frantic pace; the advantage to working like that was that I had little time to over think and had to create more on impulse. As a result, I feel my imagery became more bold, and in some ways more abstract, but I’m quite happy with where its heading. I’ve also begun working with a number of new elements which I feel has given the work more punch.

First some images of some of the new work:


“Big Wheel”

“Three and One”

“Balance I”


The piece “GXM” I’m really excited about because it was made using my new large format Epson printer.

The first show of the season was ARTfest Ft. Myers in Ft. Myers, Florida.  I can say that aside from being a nice location, there wasn’t much else about the show to rave about.  For us, it was a terrible show in terms of sales, but most everyone around us seemed to be doing well.  Go figure.

Otherwise we had a very nice time-

Jeremia was making new friends as always

and the downtown area of Ft. Myers was particularly beautiful.  I especially like this great piece of public art outside of the art museum there, and the way it reflects light and casts shadows.

I’ll have to continue this in the next post, Kristina and Jeremia are beckoning me to go with them for a trip to Home Depot, so who am I to argue.  I practically keep the place in business.

Until next time,



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