Upcoming Shows for Spring and Summer

It just occurred to me that in the midst of telling you about the shows that we’ve already done, it might not be a bad idea to fill you in on the shows that we have coming up.  This is not a complete list, it is just the ones that I know about as of today.  I’ve included links to each if you’d like more info.

The first is The Handmade Market which is Sat. April 23 from 11-5, at Cobblestone Hall, in Raleigh, NC

Its a great one-day show with over 40 fabulous designers and craftspeople-definitely worth checking out!

The next show will be Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philadelphia, PA the weekend of May 14-15.

We’ve never done this one before, but Kristina and I have heard a lot of good things about it so we are really jazzed.

The following weekend, May21-22 we come back to Raleigh, NC to do Artsplosure.

The website doesn’t look like all that much, but it is a great show.  It gets about 100,000 people in attendance over the weekend, and sales for us have always been strong.

The following week we are taking off to rest, but then the week after that – June 3,4,5 – we are off to Columbus, Ohio for the 50th Annual Columbus Arts Festival.

This is another monster show, getting about 300,000 people over the entire 3 days.

I have several more to tell you about, and I’ll pass that info on once I have all the details.



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