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The Handmade Market is today

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Happy day before Easter, er, Easter eve, night morning before…oh whatever, you get the idea.  Normally, I would still be asleep, so I’m not exactly coherent, but I just wanted to drop a quick reminder about the Handmade Market today in Raleigh.  If you’re in the area, it’d be swell to see you there.

I’ve finished up a fair amount of new work

small to mid-size pieces mostly

I think this one might be my favorite of the lot

and a few others

Have a good weekend, and if you get the chance


Talk soon,



The photographing has begun

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So, finally after much pomp and circumstance, I have started shooting some of the many new things I have ready for both my Etsy shops.  Aside from all of the jewelry pieces which will be going up at GaleriedeIlluminata, I am also beginning the process of replenishing the inventory at EandO.  I’ve pulled about 40 things at random from around the studio, and to give you an idea of the variety, there’s a Victorian soap tin, a group of vintage sailing photos, a snazzy metal purse from the 50s, some antique fraternity ribbons, some old postcards, old watch springs, plenty of antique photographs, and various vintage jewelry parts.


I thought this also might be a good time to talk a little about the photo booth I am using- mine is made from a double thick furniture box.  The sides are lined with one layer of foam core to serve as light reflectors, and the backdrop paper is just a roll of bulletin board paper that I picked up at a local school supply store.  The clip-on lights came from Home Depot, and run about 7 bucks apiece, and I covered them with thin tissue paper to help diffuse the light.

Quite a simple set up, I know, but I just wanted to show it because I’m all about the saving-money-where-I-can-thing.  I’m a firm believer that you really don’t have to have an expensive set up to get good shots, and good images are crucial for good sales.

Until next time,


Sneaky Peeky

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Have you been good?  Well O.K. then, I suppose it’s time for a little sneak peek as promised.  I’ve actually kept myself quite busy, but at long last things are starting to come together.

The view at my computer


the other half


a piece already finished that I’ll tell you about later- well soon, as soon as I can get it photographed


and another view


More on the way!


All News is Big News

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Though some is bigger than others- If you have been to my Etsy Store lately, then you probably already know what the BIG NEWS is, but if not, well just see below.


Yep, my wife and I had our first child-a healthy, hungry baby boy named Jeremia.  He was born on April 2, and has been the cause of many a sleepless night as of late.  However, I wouldn’t trade him in on a mule (as my Mother is prone to saying), meaning I think he’s pretty great.


He’s already almost doubled his weight in 10 weeks, so I can just imagine what it’s going to be like trying to keep this kid fed during his teenage years.


As they say, eat, sleep, poop, that about sums him up at this point, though he will talk your ear off if he gets the chance.


But this isn’t all that has gone on, the spring shows went very well, and I’m currently getting ready for the next- Bele Chere. It’s a monster of a festival attracting about 350,000 people to the Asheville area of the NC mountains the last weekend in July.  Seriously, it’s a great show, if you can find a way to go, get there.  Good food, good music, good art, need I say more?


I’ve also been working on a lot of new paintings- here are two:


Treeline 2009  20 x 24 x 1.5


Trot II  2009  22 x 34 x 1.5

Click on either one to see more details about them in my Etsy Store.  I’m also going to be listing -TOMORROW- all of the jewelry that I was posting about before Jeremia arrived.  That includes: Virtue Adrift, The Evening Star, 250 Regrets, and others.  So, be looking out for them- they may go fast!

Lastly, I still haven’t finished the website update, but I’m almost there- busy, busy, busy is my new middle name.  Until next time… -M

An update about a lot of updates

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Why is it that the less busy you try to make yourself the busier you get?  Things sure have been bustling here at the studio- hopefully I can remember everything  I need to fill you in on.

The website makeover is almost finished-hopefully by Monday it’ll be ready to go.

“Virtue/Adrift” is finished- I just haven’t had a chance to get it photographed yet.  Maybe today or tomorrow.

Most of the other jewelry pieces are finished and should start showing up on Etsy next week.

I am also doing a number of shows/festivals this year and will try to post about the details real soon.

And finally, I have one other “REALLY BIG” announcement (which I can’t reveal quite yet) that could throw everything else off.

If all goes well, by tomorrow I should be back up and running.


A Walkthrough: Almost Finished

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I’m nearing completion of this piece- it now has a name: “The Evening Star.”

The first and second photos show the piece closed and open-



And here you can get a good detail view on the inside bottom and top-



I worked on the bottom much like the top, using black glass beads, and silver micro beads embedded under the resin, but I’ve also added very small pocket watch hands around the tintype.  I also riveted a piece of weathered brass on top of the lid which I think looks much like the peephole windows on a (space) ship.  In the last image, you can get a much better idea of how the micro beads are embedded.  Next, its on to making the chain- I’m thinking of using these great black glass ring beads that I picked up this weekend at a flea market.  We’ll see.

You can see this piece from the beginning here.


A walkthrough Part 3;

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or progress, progress, progress; or resin is really fun stuff.


I’m continuing to move along with this piece at a pretty good pace (usually a good sign for me).  The metal inner piece is now fastened over the man’s face, and I’ve collaged “VOL. IV” inside behind the small lid (I just love old cotton press-type pages).  Resin has been poured in the top half of the compact, and I don’t know if you can tell, but I have embedded small silver microbeads across the surface,  small black glass beads along the inside edge, and a carnival glass Art Deco gemstone near the man’s eye.  At certain angles, the microbeads catch the light just right and sparkle like small stars.  I have also embedded a transparency of the orbit of the Earth over the man’s face to further expand on the space, star, heavens theme.


Next, I started work on the bottom part; as you can see I’ve cut an opening into the lid, and I’ve collaged part of an old calendar and a tintype of a young lady into the bottom section.


Here is what that part will look like when in the bottom of the compact.

On the outside front of the case, I’ve riveted on a drawer pull ornament, and collaged an eye inside the opening.  Around the ornament, I have added gold leaf to give some shine to the front of the piece, and  I’ve started the “weathering” process on the whole of the outside.


Everything is continuing to come along nicely, by the next update, I should have the interior almost completely finished.

The beginnings of this piece can be found here.

The second part here.

The next part is here.