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Winter Park

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The last show of the winter season for us was the 52nd Winter Park Art Festival; it ran March 18-20 in Winter Park, FL.  The weather was about perfect, and the location almost couldn’t have been better.  It was a beautiful park in the middle of town, and there was a large area behind our booth where Jeremia could play.

He particularly liked this one tree which was perfect to climb in.

I liked being able to shoot his shadow in the late afternoon.

From our experience- don’t know if it was the same for everyone- the crowds were great, but there weren’t that many people purchasing art. For the show to be located in such an affluent area, and garnering such a prestigious reputation, we were expecting to be swamped.  We were busy from time to time, just not as much as I expected.

So in between, I had plenty of chances to shoot some photos.   Lately, I’ve been beginning to experiment with photographing objects, animals, and such in motion -especially birds in flight- and I think there are a lot of possibilities; especially when combined with mixed media.  Here’s a piece I sold, that I hope better illustrates the point.

“Flight Study III”

My favorite shot of the weekend, at least of the birds, was this image of a pigeon taking off.

J and I had been feeding it crackers, but it would only let him get so close before it would take to the safety of the tree above our booth.

Finally, on Saturday afternoon, a lady came along randomly snapping photos and decided to take a shot or two of us.

Kristina and Jeremia were their usual, beautiful photogenic selves, whereas I was too busy yacking about some nonsense to stand still.   Oh well, at least we’re all in the same photo.  Often with us and family pictures, it’s like trying to herd cats…


On Sunday evening, we packed up but decided to stay an extra night at the hotel before heading home.  This seems to be a theme for us, but we tend to do better with the long drives once everyone has had some rest.  The next day we were back on I-95 heading north, but we quickly found a detour at Washington Oaks State Park just north of Palm Coast.  Not a well known place, but it was beautiful and secluded- we practically had the place to ourselves.

Definitely the kind of driveway I’m going to get when I move out of my parents’ house.

The was a small playground where Jeremia could play, and some nice hiking trails that went around the park, so we decided to check them out.

It didn’t take long for J to find some large palm leaves-

I’m not sure if he was happier carrying them or “sweeping” with them.

He certainly was enjoying trying to whack me on the head with them as he rode on my shoulders.

We strolled around for the better part of 2 hours, but decided that it was probably time to get on the road.

On the way out I shot one last image of this nice large oak.

It might make for a good art piece sometime in the future.

Until next time,



Where have you been?

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Well to tell you the truth, I’ve been working on a lot of new art, that’s where.

For example, what do you get when you combine an 1840s daguerreotype image of this lovely lady:


A scan of this 1860s ambrotype mat:


and an image of a big bowl?


Well after a lot of work in Photoshop, I came up with my latest digital piece:

The Star Collector


What’s great is that this piece will be a limited-edition series of prints, but I am also making it into a 3-dimensional illuminated piece as well.  Hopefully I’ll have photos of it up soon.

I’ve also been working on many many new pieces of jewelry; by a quick count I spied 23 pieces that are well on their way to being finished, plus several more in the works.  Maybe if you’re really good, I’ll sneak some “in progress” photos of them on to the blog in the next day or two.  Anyway, back to work!



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As we celebrate our Nation’s birthday, I thought I would share some wonderfully patriotic images from the past.  Both of these date from 1910-20.



Happy 4th!



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This post is just what it sounds like- complete randomness.  Well, I suppose there must be some order as I chose all of these random things to share at the same time, which I guess would make them not so random.

First a cloud- yes, it’s really just a cloud- I shot it the other day looking out my studio window.  Something about the way it was catching the light, out there without any of its little cloud friends, just doing its thing.  I suppose I relate.


This is a shot of my booth that the Handmade Market in May; I meant to share this the other day and completely forgot about it.  It was a good show and is a lot of fun to do in general, especially the November holiday show.


I’m in the middle of preparing inventory for Bele Chere, and have started on another new piece of jewelry.  Here is an early look at some of the basic parts.  I’ll try to do a full update of it soon.


And speaking of jewelry, Virtue Adrift is now up in my Etsy Shop if you’d like to stop by.


Be back soon.


Virtue Adrift

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Finally after much hubbub and delay (all related to my BIG NEWS of course), I can show how VIRTUE/ADRIFT turned out.


I complimented the main pendent part of the piece with a annealed stainless steel chain that has been accented with an antique brass keyhole and and Art Deco gemstone glass button.  The clasp for the piece is made from a pair of antique sewing scissors.  I will not even begin to take credit for the originality of that idea; the first person I ever saw use it was Keith Lo Bue, and I thought it was a wonderful way to create a practical clasp with an unexpected object.  You can see more of Keith’s fabulous work at:


Hopefully from the close-up you can see some of the weathering I have done;  I am a big believer that patinas should match in a piece- it gives a piece a much more professional finished look.



As with all of my jewelry, I wanted this to be a practical piece that could actually be worn, and while I wouldn’t necessarily say that it is an “everyday” piece of wear and tear jewelry, it would be great for those times when you’re looking to make a statement.  Subtle it isn’t.

This piece, along with 250 regrets, The Evening Star, and several others will probably go live on Etsy in the next day or two (unless my BIG NEWS slows things- nope,  I still can’t tell you what it is yet…).  I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as these are up.


Adrift Part 3.

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The next stage of this piece is now finished- in these photos, I have included both the before and after-and I have started the work on the chain, which I should have finished by the next post.


I have assembled all of the parts; paper has been collaged over the photo of the lady (after she was embedded in a layer of casting resin-I wanted there to be a little depth between her and the paper), and I have glued small silver micro beads along the outside to hide the paper’s edges.  Over top of the book page I have spread a thin layer of “snow” glitter which is actually ground up mica flakes that are semi-transparent.  I like that it helps to hide some of the wording, and gives the piece some nice sparkle.


This image looks essentially the same as the last one, except now another layer of resin has been poured to cover the beads, glitter, and paper, and I have also collaged the word “virtue” over the page.  The text was taken from an old 19th century book.  You can also see (a little better) the shadow which has been created along the edges of paper near the woman’s eyes- this comes from the paper being raised about a 1/16th of an inch above the photo thanks to the first layer of casting resin.


This last image shows the beginnings of the chain which I am making from annealed stainless steel.  I plan to add some very special additions to this chain which I won’t give away just yet.  You can see it completed in the next post.


The beginning of this piece can be found here.

Adrift Part 2.

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Here are the next set of in progress images- I have to admit they are not much to look at- but I really do think that the piece will turn out quite nicely in the end.


I have trimmed and set the photo down into the tin, and the paper will eventually cover the image all over except for the eyes.


On the back I have attached the nameplate with copper rivets, and I have also attached two stainless steel loops for the chain.  The glue around the loops will be removed once the resin has been poured on the inside.

By the time of the next post, the piece should be much further along, and I think it will make much more sense.

The beginning to this piece can be found here.  The third part is here.