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Haircuts can change things (Victoria Falls Part 1).

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At least that’s what I believe.  I shaved my head yesterday for the umpteenth time- no need for a photo, just imagine me with even less hair than I normally have- I do this about once a month, give or take, but this one was different.  Jeremia got his hair cut for the first time yesterday too, and I thought that if he saw me with mine cut, that it would be an even less traumatic experience for him.

Turns out, what Kristina and I thought was going to be a cavalcade of high drama, he almost couldn’t have cared less about.  I think even Kristina thought she was going to be more upset than she actually was- it is amazing how J can bring a calming perspective to things.

With almost no effort he went from this






to this.

Granted, I’m sure it helped that he got it cut at this really cool kids salon, and got to sit in a plane (of all things), while watching “Madagascar” on a small TV in front of him, but even without all of that, I don’t think he would have really cared.

We even got him to give us his version of a smile when all was said and done.

It got me to thinking about the painting I’m working on

I’ve had it sketched out for several days, but have been delaying in starting it.  Not out of any real fear mind you, but more wondering more why I’ve been making such a big deal out of this project.  It is only paint after all.

So, I put down the first layers of base color this morning

As soon as I was finished, Jeremia came in and sat down on my lap; we stared at the painting for a minute, then he was ready to go play.

So that’s that.



Victoria Falls and other new work

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I’ve started a new commission and it will be interesting to see if I can pull it off.  Seriously.  I’ve never considered myself to be much of a landscape painter, and yet that is exactly what this commission is- a large oil painting of Victoria Falls in Africa.

Its a beautiful photograph that my client shot, and I think that may be part of what makes the task so daunting.  Because I was not there, I have to try and capture the power and wonder of this place using only the memory of a snapped photograph.  The locals call the mist that rises from the falls, “the smoke that thunders.”  This piece will certainly push me out of my mixed media comfort zone, much like I’m sure people must feel when they are actually there; that slightly uneasy but exhilarating feeling of standing at the edge of something so vast, while being held back by only fear, and grace.  Will I be able to capture that using only paint?

Who knows?  But here we go anyway…

I stretched the canvas earlier today, and now it waits only for the first strokes.

First however, I will sketch the landscape out to be as accurate as possible; I feel like this painting will be more of a translation rather than an interpretation.  As it proceeds, I will try to keep you informed as to how it’s going.


This is not the only news however, I am continuing to work feverishly on some new pieces in preparation for the Handmade Market this weekend, and several other shows coming up fast.  Here’s a quick shot of some more of my flying birds.

I’ve got an idea of how I’m going to use these, but that will be for a later time.


The photographing has begun

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So, finally after much pomp and circumstance, I have started shooting some of the many new things I have ready for both my Etsy shops.  Aside from all of the jewelry pieces which will be going up at GaleriedeIlluminata, I am also beginning the process of replenishing the inventory at EandO.  I’ve pulled about 40 things at random from around the studio, and to give you an idea of the variety, there’s a Victorian soap tin, a group of vintage sailing photos, a snazzy metal purse from the 50s, some antique fraternity ribbons, some old postcards, old watch springs, plenty of antique photographs, and various vintage jewelry parts.


I thought this also might be a good time to talk a little about the photo booth I am using- mine is made from a double thick furniture box.  The sides are lined with one layer of foam core to serve as light reflectors, and the backdrop paper is just a roll of bulletin board paper that I picked up at a local school supply store.  The clip-on lights came from Home Depot, and run about 7 bucks apiece, and I covered them with thin tissue paper to help diffuse the light.

Quite a simple set up, I know, but I just wanted to show it because I’m all about the saving-money-where-I-can-thing.  I’m a firm believer that you really don’t have to have an expensive set up to get good shots, and good images are crucial for good sales.

Until next time,


New Art on Etsy

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Well, I just wouldn’t be much of an artist or blogger if I didn’t keep you up to date with ALL of the new art that I am doing- not just the jewelry.  So, to that end, I would like to introduce you to two new pieces that are now making their first appearances on Etsy.


The first is called, “The Watchman”- it picks up right where my work left off at the end of last year- heading in a generally Steampunky Carnivalesque direction.  Not sure how long this new direction will last, but with my life-long fascination with all things carnival, I doubt it will be ending anytime soon.


The second piece is called, “Dream of Flight.”  This is actually the second version of this piece, I did the first about 5 years when my Photoshoping skills were much more inept.  I always felt like it was a good composition, and vowed that I would one day return to this piece when I had acquired more skill.  This time around I’m particularly happy with the butterflies and their subtle shading, but as is often the case with Photoshop, I can still see plenty of flaws in this version, so there is always more to learn.

If you are interested in either of these pieces you can go here to find out more.


P.S.  For those of you who do not yet know about Etsy- is a wonderful website for all things handmade.  Go, go now, you’ll love it- I promise.

The sorting has begun

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in earnest.  Having neglected EandO for far too long we have finally begun to seriously sort and organize, and price things for listing.


For those of you who may not know, my wife and I have a vintage and antique supplies store we operate on Etsy called Ephemera and Object, or Eand O for short.  We literally have 1000s of things to put up, and the process will officially begin tomorrow.  The first offerings will be some vintage jewelry lots, some photos, and vintage book pages-plus whatever else I can grab within reach.


Happy hunting- if there is anything in particular you are looking for, just yell at me.


Pieces, pieces, pieces

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I’ve been a little busy (finally) the last couple of days working on some new pieces- most of these will end up as snazzy neck wear, but I’m working on some brooches as well.  Currently I think there are about 12 pieces in the first batch, but I’ve got stuff scattered all around, so I’m not exactly sure.  I also just purchased a couple of cool vintage compact cases that I hope to work on soon.


These are a little closer to being finished- actually the hand pieces is already done.  I’ll try to keep you up to date as I have them posted.


A Fresh Coat Of Paint

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Its amazing what a fresh coat of paint and a few days of warm weather can do to rejuvenate one’s body and soul…I repainted the floor in my studio a few days ago (I do this about once a year)

Looks new again-


and then it occured to me, upon taking this picture, that I haven’t ever shown you around my studio.  So what say let’s take a tour…

Work desk


Inspiration and reference


A stack of items that will be available in my shop soon


Images for future ideas and random notesstudio-10

Shipping area with a print ready to ship


Hope you enjoyed the first half- I’ll post some more photos in a few days.